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Temperature - Fever Face Scanning Terminal

  • Thermal Management & Compliance Platform
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Fast, Accurate, Contactless Thermal Detection
  • NFC, RFID, QR Code
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Certify is global company providing authentication and biometric services to major institutions and businesses around the world. We have developed a fever detection monitoring system to address the Covid concerns now and in the future. It is 99.995% accurate and we believe it will save lives.

Certify’s SnapXT thermal fever monitors are currently shipping and have production at scale to suit your needs.


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Key Features

CERTIFY is the #1 Fever Detection & Thermal Scanning Solution in the marketplace. With thousands of devices sold, our patented combination of thermal scanning technology, localized applications, advanced analytics, HiTrust Compliant cloud-based platform and 24×7 support is the ultimate solution that will help your organization return from this pandemic and reduce anxiety of customers and staff.

Simplified Authentication

The SnapXT is an Android Biometric Facial Recognition Terminal with an infrared sensor and high definition camera. It is equipped with an 8-inch touch screen and HDR front facing camera.

Improved Patient Experience

The built in RGB and IR cameras enable it to capture and recognize faces accurately & quickly. You can also add a 3D face recognition structured light camera. Equipped with Android 7.1 OS or above, Quad-core 1.8 GHz, it can easily and efficiently operate many different applications.


CERTIFY’s facial recognition thermometer is optimized by black body calibration and an environmental temperature compensation algorithm. It will control the temperature detection within 0.3 and ensure accurate temperature measurement every time. More importantly, this device can be installed and used immediately without any adjustment to the temperature settings.


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